Give a Man a Mask and He Will Act His True Self.


Today in class we learned about Gaffman’s Dramaturgical Theory. The theory states that social life is  a theatrical performance in which we are all actors on a metaphysical stages. This basically means that people will always wear a mask during their social lives. The show Mr. Robot (The Man in the mask in the picture), represents this theory in a different manner.

I wondered in class, does this apply backwards too? In the show  Elliot, the main character,  is just a normal contributor to society. However when he puts on a mask it is a different story. Elliot puts on a mask and he reveals his true characters. It reveals that internally he hates society and hates to conform. Without the mask he works at an IT desk, conforming to societies standards. So is it true if you give a man a mask he will act his true self?  It is similar to the saying that if you give someone a billion dollars, he will act his true self. I believe this happens because if you have a mask on, no one will ever know who your true self is.

If you wanted to know more about Mr. Robot and the picture you can check out the link here . You will learn through this show that Elliot wears a symbolic mask in society, and when he actually achieves an actually mask, he acts his true self.


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