If everyone hates Trump, How did he win?

Everyone in society has made their point that Trump was never going to win the 2016 election. When Trump first announced that he was running for president, no one took him seriously. And after all the things he said, people with out a doubt thought that he would never become President. Even in the early polls, Hillary was winning by a landslide. People expected her to win by such a large number, that saying that Trump will win was considered “Laughable”. If you believe how dominant Hillary was before the polls, check out this link. You’ll see that she had a 70% chance of winning, but later Trump beat her with a huge margin.

I want to try to explain how Trump had a chance against Hillary. Whoever supported Donald Trump was called a deplorable or an idiot, so this lead people to secretly support him. The portion of society who hid the fact that they supported Trump never told anyone about it or better yet, they even made fun of Trump to hide the fact they are actually supporting him. This led to the people feeling that Trump was just a joke, and some people expected Hillary to win by a landslide. This also lead to people not expecting Trump to have so many republican supporters in Ohio and Florida. Some people probably stayed home or made jokes on the ballot. People also wrote other names besides Hillary Clinton on the Ballot. An example is people wrote on the Ballot “Bernie Sanders”, “Hennessy”, or “Harambe”. Trump winning was a combination of people underestimating him and people writing dumb stuff on the Ballots.


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