How the Man Box Affects the Boys of Our Generation


The man box is an analogy for the identities that a man in today’s society should have. Before you read this blog I recommend you check out this article, and check out the second video. The basis of my article is similar, however I do disagree with their final thoughts. The picture above shows what a “man” should be. These identities wants to make you hold in your emotions, push other people around, and be over controlling.

These identities will forever be a cycle through every generation of boys. The result of holding in all these emotions makes boys more violent and more likely to outburst. It also makes boys more depressed and lonely. Even though these facts are very daunting, these identities for boys have become a social norm. The article states that “…it would be difficult to change these social norms, it is not impossible.” I however, believe that it is impossible to change these norms. Some people may say that social norms will always change. However for these past millenniums these social norms have not changed and we can also see in different cultures that males all share these similar traits. There will always be bleeding, however we can always minimize the bleeding to the bare minimum. We can still try to change the way how men should act, however boys will always have a picture of what a “man” should be. This “man box” is very toxic for a boys mind and will lead a handful of them to have either anger issues or depression.


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