5 Blogs That I Enjoy From My Peers

These blogs don’t have any particular ranking to them. Just because my other classmates blog’s weren’t on here, doesn’t mean there’s was bad. Trust me it was really hard to pick five, all blogs were really creative and interesting to read.

  1. The first blog I enjoyed was Kevin Lopez’s Blog. It was really interesting  to read because I can tell that he speaks from heart and mind. Some of my favorite blogs were when he talks about his family or Calexit. I like the Calexit blog because we worked together in class on it, and some of my ideas are implemented in his blog.
  2. The second blog I enjoyed was Jacquelynn‘s because the theme was so pretty and creative. I had no idea how she did her fonts like that, but it just all blended in so well. One of the blogs I enjoyed was “Roots”. She explains the pain of growing with divorced parents and I relate with that really well.
  3. The third blog I enjoyed was Sociology with Sarah, because her blogs really covered everything in what we learned in class. I love how she argues on what social norms are wrong. For example the “Barbies are not just for girls” and “Toxicity of the Phrase: Man Up”. (I also love to use the word toxic) These two topics speak so much to me, because I also wrote and researched about this. She wrote some ideas that I have never thought of.
  4. The fourth blog I enjoyed was Heriberto’s, you can see the amount of work he puts into his blog. However I do disagree with some blogs. For example the American Dream, I still believe that it is alive. As long as you work hard the dream will come, might not be now, but eventually it will come. I love how his blogs are out of the ordinary, like the “Am I normal”? His blogs generally catch you off guard, but it just makes his blogs more intriguing to read.
  5. The final blog I enjoyed was Tiana Kiriaki’s blog, because most of her blogs question what is “normal”. One of our blogs even used the same picture/ video too! I like how she questions what is normal and how it doesn’t exist anymore.

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