Saturday Night Live influences Political Views


As you can see above, News like Saturday Night Live create tons of satire on political candidates. I’m going to talk about the satire created after the election. You can find the video on this site . The summary of this video basically talks about how Donald Trump, is not doing what he promised when he got elected. Some examples in this video is not knowing how to stop ISIS, even though he claimed to. Another example is him not how to pay for the wall. However the topic of this video isn’t why Donald Trump is a bad president, but why Fake News like SNL can influence people’s political views.

SNL can affect political views, because they are outputting “news” that are simply not real. The goal of SNL is not to inform people, but to rake in views. For example the video bashes on Donald Trump by making him seem like a dunce. They do this by giving truths, but with a twist. In sociology I learned this as a Simulacrum. They take common facts that everyone knows like Donald Trump wanting to build a wall, put Hillary Clinton in Jail, and beating ISIS and twisting it to have a comedic reaction. This is not harmful if the people watching this are informed on what really Donald Trump has planned. However people watching this are usually uninformed and will take everything from this video to heart. This results in people assuming that Donald Trump should not be fit for president. Changing peoples political views is really dangerous, because people will go against the president and stop supporting him.

Another example of how SNL usually over exaggerates the truth is shown through this article created by Mike Murphy and Eddie Timmons. They show that the actors portraying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hate yelling at each other. Why do they do it? They do it to create more emotion, so they the viewers will actually believe that their debate is “real”. It also shows Donald Trump kissing a FBI Agent, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and Vladimir Putin. This never happens in real life, but they want to portray Donald Trump as this kind of person. It is hard for me to believe that SNL doesn’t change political views, because they continuously bash on an individual candidate.


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