Why You Should Take Sociology

I never expected to take sociology, however since I dropped my pre-calculus class by accident, I decided to take another class. Since school already started, the only open class that fit my schedule was Socially 100. I came into the class thinking that sociology was just the weaker social science compared to psychology. I had a true love for psychology and never expected to enjoy sociology. I knew a little about sociology because all psychology textbooks generally end off with social psychology. Through out the semester I began to love the class. For example, I generally skip half of my classes but for Sociology I skipped a minimum of 3 times. I thought this was pretty good because the class appeared twice a week for two hours.

There are many reasons why I enjoyed the class. The subjects were very relatable and easy to comprehend. I also loved the teacher and how she taught. Mrs. Mendoza was a really nice teacher and she really was involved with the class. The class was very quiet, however she still made the class very fun and interesting. My classmates also were very fun to talk to, never did I realize that these group of peers were really nice individuals. After class ended, I can still talk to two of my classmates that I became close friends with. The class gave me little to no stress and the homework was not time consuming. I recommend anyone who has interest in sociology to take this class. The only thing I disliked was there was no signal in the building. However this might of been good, because I focused more in class. If you want to learn more about sociology click on this article.


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